Special Cases (ING)

Tudo o que está acontecendo possui “ING” mas nem tudo o que possui “ING” está acontecendo!


  1. Smoking is bad for you.
    (Fumar faz mal à você.)
  2. I like dancing
    (Eu gosto de dançar.)
  3. I am interested in learning French.
    (Eu estou interessado em aprender francês.)
  4. It is a boring movie.
    (É um filme chato.)

A neurological team working in second World War prefabs at Bristol’s Frenchay hospital has developed a new treatment that is reversing the distressing effects of Parkinson’s disease. The team, led by consultant neurosurgeon Steven Gill, is the first in the world to infuse a substance called GDNF directly into patients’ brains to reactivate damaged cells. The five volunteer patients, men aged between 42 and 62, are continuing to improve. Frenchay hospital is now leading a worldwide study into the use of GDNF to find the optimum dosage. But the team’s work is being hampered by a shortage of beds to accommodate the trial patients during the detailed assessment needed to monitor treatment.

Gill believes the technique is the most exciting development in the treatment of Parkinson’s in years. “The prospect of reversing the process opens the way for treating a range of neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Huntingdon’s chorea, motor neurone disease, stroke and multiple sclerosis.”

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